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Heartsavers Class for Community Members

Everyone needs to learn CPR, how to use an AED, and basic First Aid. You never know when a tragedy might strike. Our American Heart Association approved Heartsavers class is for the community member who is not a healthcare professional. School teachers, childcare workers, lifeguards, business employees, and anyone else who interacts with people every day are perfect for these classes.

We offer these classes every week at our location. We can also come to your location to certify many people at once.


  1. Select the class type you need
  2. Click Add to Cart and submit payment information through PayPal (follow the onscreen prompts). If you don't have or use PayPal, bring payment with you to your class.
  3. Go to the Calendar to determine which specific class will work best with your schedule.
  4. IMPORTANT - Call us at 913-341-4277 or email us at [email protected] to get on the list for THAT class. If you have not called to register for a specific class, you may not be able to take the class that day because we have a limit of how many students can be in each class.


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